Every year the YCN gives the “Youth Cinema Network Award” for the best talented young filmmaker. From 2017 it will be given in three age groups:
age   0 - 14
age 15 - 19
age 20 - 27

Films for these awards are nominated by the member festivals of the YCN. Each festival can nominate one film per age group for the competition.
For the award each YCN member has one vote for each age-group (except for the nomination the member gave itself). The films with the best quotes in each age group will be the winners.
Every year the awards will be given on a different festival, it started 2016 in UK at the Wicked Wales Filmfestival.

Youth Cinema Award  2016

The Youth Cinema Award 2016 was given in Prestatyn at the Wicked Wales Filmfestival to the film:

Friday Opabajo, Francis Hoet, Marc Künker, Elia Dresselaers, Albi Allaraj, Pauline Geiermann, Melvin Berndt
produced and guided by
YOUNG DOGS and KIDSCAM (Germany/Belgium)

The YCN Award

YCN-meeting at Wicked 16

The YCN members at Wicked 16

Youth Cinema Award  2017
The Youth Cinema Awards 2017 were given in Berlin at the REC-Filmfestival.

The YCN Award
in age group 0–14 goes to
Come Home
(Belgium 2015) KIDSCAM Animation Studio

The YCN Award in age group15-19 goes to
Hana Hano Hanice
(Croatia 2016) Marko Bičanić and Karlo Vorih

The YCN Award in age group 20-27 goes to
The Love Story
(USA 2015) Evan J. Grothjan

YCN Award